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Slocomb Elementary Slocomb, AL
2014-2015 Parental Involvement Plan
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015
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Parental Involvement Handbook

Slocomb Elementary School


 Parental Involvement Plan

 The School Improvement Plan team will seek two parents to serve on the committee. The parents are invited to participate at all of the School Improvement Plan team meetings. At the end of each school year, surveys are available online through AdvancED for all stakeholders. The results from these surveys are compiled and evaluated. The evaluations are used to make any necessary changes in the School Parental Involvement Plan for the next year.

 All parents are invited to review the Title I School Improvement Plan that is housed in the media center. Parents are encouraged to make and submit comments if they disagree with any aspect or component of the School Improvement Plan. Comments can be placed in the suggestions box located in the office. Comments may also be submitted using the suggestion section of the Smoke Signals newsletter and returned to any school personnel.

 Listed below are some ways in which Slocomb Elementary includes parents in the learning opportunities of the children.

1. Parents will be invited to attend an annual Title I meeting (K-5) at the beginning of each year. Items to be presented are:

·        Information about the School-Wide Program

·        What a Title I school is

·        Parental Involvement set-asides

·        LEA Title I Plan

·        LEA Parental Involvement Plan

·        ACIP

·        School/Parent Compact

·        Materials the school has available to help them help their child (Parent Resource Materials)

·        Qualifications of Teachers

·        Importance of communication between parent and school personnel such as excuses for absences, signing progress reports and report cards, etc.

·        Parent Volunteers (field trip chaperones, read to students, conduct art activities, etc.)

·        Parents Right to Know

·        Parent Surveys

 2. Parents are asked to complete the Parent Volunteer form to find out who would be willing to volunteer their skills and/or talents with our school.

 3. Parents will be invited to participate in an evaluation of the Parental Involvement Program by answering a survey at the end of the year.

 4.Teachers keep a list of parents attending school activities on the Parent Involvement Form.

 5. Smoke Signals, the parent newsletter, will be sent home to keep parents informed of school news and upcoming activities.

 6. Parents are encouraged to become active members of PTO through home-school communication.

 7. Parents have an open invitation to have lunch with their child at school.

 8. Community leaders are invited when appropriate in classroom activities and school programs. These leaders might include police department, fire department, business leaders, mayor, and city librarian.

 9. “Parents Rights to Know” letter, Attendance Policy, Grading Policy, and rules/discipline procedures are contained in the Geneva County Parent/Student Handbook. The back page of the handbook is signed by parents and retained in student permanent record file.

 10. Parents serve on the Title I committee along with faculty members. They are invited to all meetings and have valuable input in all components of the Title I Plan, which includes the Title I budget.

 11. An Accelerated Reader Student/Parent Booklet will be sent home.

 12. Through our Migrant Liaison student data will be made available to all parents in a language they can understand.


 Building Teachers’ and Parents’ Partnership for Strong Parental Involvement

 To ensure effective involvement of parents and to support a partnership among faculty/staff, parents, and the community to improve student academic achievement, Slocomb Elementary School shall:

1. Provide information for parents in understanding assessment scores, the requirements of Title I, and how to monitor their child’s progress and work with teachers to improve the achievement of their children. Slocomb Elementary School will accomplish much of this through its Title I Parent meeting held at the beginning of the school year. 

2. Provide information and materials to help parents to work with their children to improve their children’s achievement. Materials can be obtained through the parental involvement aide during the hours of 8:00- 3:00 each school day.

3. Educate teachers, office personnel, and other school staff in the value of contributions of parents. All staff are expected to welcome parents to the school, as appropriate, and to work with parents as well as the parental involvement aide.

 4. Ensure that information is clearly communicated to the students’ parents. Parents will be informed through the Smoke Signals newsletter, weekly teacher newsletters, the school website, and the school marquee.

 5. Provide reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents may request. Slocomb Elementary School makes every effort to work with parents in meeting requests as related to parental involvement in their children’s education.

 6. Ensure that information related to school and other activities is sent to the parents in a language the parents can understand. At the present time, Slocomb Elementary School has 22 migrant and/or ELL students. Geneva County employees a Migrant Liaison to ensure that all school information is translated in Spanish, if needed.

 Parental Involvement will be a key component of the program. This will be on-going from August through May. A continuation of existing parental involvement activities, with the addition of new strategies, will bring parents into the school and give them an opportunity to share in their child’s school experience. Parents will become partners in the learning opportunities of their children.


Parental Involvement Opportunities

Parent Title I Meeting              

Open House

Parent Volunteers                    

Parent Orientation Night                      

P.T.O. Meetings          

Parent Visitation Day              


Book Fair

Dr. Seuss Week                       

AR Reward Parties                              

Book Character Day


Weekly Newsletter/Calendars              


Smoke Signals Newsletter         

Vision Screening                               


Slocomb Elementary Website      

Health Fair                                      

Field Day

Holiday Lunches




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